Welcome 2023 at Athella Tea

Welcome to 2023 at Athella Tea, It brings me great joy to be here, fresh from a mini break, to have you join me, for our very first newsletter of the year! But first let me share with you a recap on what was an incredible 2022!

We kicked things off with the release of our Harmony tea (Blissful Balance) for women suffering from PMS and Menopausal symptom’s. Harmony was so well received, we decided to release our Zen (Organic Green Tea) and our very first limited edition tea Radiance! You may see this one pop up again, due to its incredible popularity and health benefits for the immune system.

Covid was still a feature in 2022 and our most frequently asked question from our community was, which one of our teas would help boost immunity strength. We listened and released our Tusli blend, known for its powerful medicinal purposes, in ancient Ayurvedic cultures. Tulsi also known as Holy Basil is often used for helping boost the immunity, while also helping to dislodge phlegm on the chest and lungs.

By mid year, I knew that my brand under LeaLa Tea Co. had run its course, as I grew to understand the tea market. I also realised that most of the teas on the shelves were filled with flavours, enhancements and pesticides. I wanted to be able to keep bringing clean, healthy tea blends to our tea community but I needed to do that under a name I felt was truly unique and aligned with my beliefs. After much soul searching and great expanse 🙈 I made the tough decision to rebrand and to continue my love of bringing you clean organic teas under our new brand name Athella Tea.

Launching Athella, was a mix of excitement and stressfulness all knotted up together. I constantly doubted myself and the craziness of it all but in the end I followed my gut and I am so thankful that you stayed with me, believing in my vision to bring quality organic teas, to you and your family. 

The launch of Athella could not have happened without a fabulous team behind me! Working hard the Athella Team, helped to create magic at various photo shoots, markets, and events, with our Tea Tasting bar launching at our first event in Melbourne, being a highlight. Springtime saw the launch of our Cafe Collection, as many of you became more accustom to drinking clean teas without the after taste at home, we wanted to offer the same experience at your local cafes and restaurants.

November saw another highly requested blend released Earl Grey, using real Bergamot oil and we were accepted to take part in The Green Friday shopping event, showcasing sustainable brands who were creating products with mindfulness, on how they would impact our planet.

Community has always been at our core and we always strive to give a percentage of our profits to worthy causes, that are close to our hearts. We raised funds and lent our support to numerous local and Australian charities, we also gifted over 20 of our Glass Crystal Tea Infuser Bottles and 500 single tea packs to charity events across Australia!

As the year came to a close, I had promised a collagen blend and this seemed to be harder then I first possibly imagined as I worked hard to perfect the recipe. I finally created a Chai Latte with Collagen and I couldn't have been happier with the results and it seemed you all loved it as well, as I sold out weekly with its initial release.

We ended the year on an absolute high and joined with the team at Lanamara to open a pop-up store. Our store was so much fun and we enjoyed getting to chat and meet so many of you, that it may just become a regular stop off for tea lovers, where you will be able to pop in and try out our latest brews in store at Athella 

I am especially proud of the tea community that we have created. You are the reason that I am excited to start each and every day! I can't wait to see what 2023 has on offer as I look forward to creatingmore of the teas you love to help promote health and wellness. 



We can’t wait to see what 2023 has to offer with athella tea!


 With love & gratitude,
Aleathia 🍃


 Athella Tea Creator Aleathia holland


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