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Athella Tea

Genmaicha | Japanese Organic Green Tea | 50% off

Genmaicha | Japanese Organic Green Tea | 50% off

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How do you like your tea?

We have sourced the very highest grade of Organic Sencha Green Tea & slow roasted brown rice & the health benefits alone have made this one of the most popular teas in Japan since its creation in the early 1900s. Packed full of antioxidants which help drain toxins, lower blood pressure & boost the immune system, GENMAICHA with its nutty flavour & the grassy sweetness of green tea makes this the perfect tea to warm your soul.

Why we love it.

It's Certified Organic, which gives it a clean and refreshing taste, there are no nasties used in producing this good for the soul tea.


Organic Sencha & Brown Rice. Contains Caffeine.


Roasted brown rice gives our GENMAICHA its nutty & full flavour. Due to the rice popping during the roasting process, it’s often called ‘popcorn tea,’ yum!

We Recommend GENMAICHA.

Best time to have Genmaicha? Anytime! but we love to start our day off with this nutty tea, filled with antioxidants, it helps to keep you calm and focused all day long.


Steep 3 - 5min   |   Temp 100c

Our entire organic tea wellness blends range are available in loose leaf, or as biodegradable tea bags. The great news!... We only use the highest grade of tea leaves so you're getting quality, rich tea.  


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