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Australian owned, family operated and our environment are at the heart of our business, we identify as a wellness brand, and with that comes a responsibility to ensure we bring you the very best herbs and highest grade tea leaves that are clean, sustainably and ethically sourced.

We consciously and carefully source only premium ingredient's, as It's important to us that we work with organic farming communities and plantations, who value fair trade, ethical and sustainable farming practices, to help create a healthier working environment. This is why we choose certified organic and organic ingredients. You can also rest assured, you're getting premium teas and herbal tisanes.

The tea plantations that we chose to work with have the following certifications and practice sustainability and regenerative farming.

Our teas are created with organic goodness, which means free from artificial  chemicals and enhancements, so that you can enjoy a brew just as nature had intended. Athella Tea blends. are curated, created and blended, with the planet in mind, and with love, from our family to yours.