When should I drink tea?

We highly recommend starting your day off with one of our herbal blend first up in the morning like Restore or Remedy. During the day for a pick me up or some stress relief we suggest a Focus or a Calm and  just before bed, we highly recommend our Sleep which is caffeine free.

How long to brew for? 

Check the back of our pack as every blend varies but it also depends on preference. Lots of people love to leave their teabags in but here at Athella Tea we only leave our teabags in for two minutes as we reuse them in a second cup, this is also very cost effective.

Is it fine to re-boiled water?

The short answer is No but we are so guilty of doing this at Athella Tea, we don't mind refilling the kettle if there is a plant nearby that needs some extra water but we don't like to waste, so we have been know to reboil a kettle but to truly enhance the flavours of your blend only use freshly boiled water.

Can I use the same teabag twice and How do I use the same teabag again? We just have a little saucer or a small cup to pop our teabag into for between cuppas, the other option is to pop it in a cup with 200ml of hot water let it steep and then pop it in the fridge for an iced tea.

Can I brew the loose leaf again for another cup later?

We recommend for an enhanced experience, to just add in 1 tsp of Loose Leaf or adjust to your required taste.

Are the wellness blends right for me?

This why we are here for you, make sure to make use of the chat box on our website and we will answer all your questions or send us an email at hello@athellatea.com we love to chat about all things tea and which blend will work best for you.

I'm pregnant/ breastfeeding are the wellness blends safe for me?

We always recommend you to check with your doctor or naturopath first.

This is our most asked question, What is the best tea for sleep?

Our SLEEP tea, it is a beautifully peaceful blend, with just the right amount of medicinal herbs in it, to lull you into a deep sleep.

Do you have a tea to balance hormones, pms or menopause?

Harmony, this all rounder is great one for the teens to help with PMS and women suffering  from menopausal symptoms .

What is the best way to dispose of an Athella teabag?

Pop it in your green waste bin as they made from plant based material, they will decompose over time.

Can I put the loose leaf wellness blend in the compost once I'm done? Absolutely or straight into a little whole dug in your garden if you have one, your plants will love you.

Where are the Athella Tea wellness blends sourced from?

All over the world, Australia is our first stop for every herb we have but unfortunately our conditions don't always allow for all herbs to be grown organically or in the quantities we need. We also believe in sourcing premium and with our black and green teas that means sourcing from lands that grow the best quality, after all its all about the flavour of pure tea leaves. So therefore we look to tea plantations that are organic or certified organic, from Sri Lanka, China, India, Egypt and Chile.

How fresh are your teas?
Our tea is shipped directly from tea farms after harvesting and blending. All teas are then sealed in air tight containers prior to use.

What is the best way to store my tea?
Once opened your tea can be kept in our resealable pouches or a tin where they will stay fresh for up to 2 years. 

How long does tea last?

Tea doesn’t go off, but sadly if not stored correctly it begins to lose its flavour., make sure its kept out of the sunlight, so preferably a tin or our resealable pouches and if you have it in a glass jar, make sure its kept in a dark space.

Are your teas organic?
We take great care to source teas from certified organic tea farms, that also practice sustainable farming. If we cant obtain certified organic ingredients then we will have organic ingredients, we always try to bring you tea blends that are free from harmful sprays and chemicals

Which teas are certified organic?

Our Remedy, Ceylon, Refresh and Zen

What grade of tea leaves are in the wellness blends?

It does vary but where we can for the loose leaf teas we will only use whole leaf for our black and green teas and our herbs will be left in there natural state unless we can only get ground herbs, which depends on the farming season but I promise to you is we will only source premium ingredients.

Are your teas fair trade certified?
We only work with farms that have fair trade practices in developing countries.

 What are your teabags made of?

Our teabags are made from food-grade corn starch. They are both biodegradable and compostable.

Are the wellness blends blended in house?

We have a real mix at Athella as we also have a Naturopath who blends a few our blends that come with medicinal amounts. Some are blended on the certified organic farms so that they can keep their certification and some we blend in house. We always strive to bring you the best blends that we absolutely love at Athella Tea

Why does it look like there isn't much tea in the loose leaf pack?

Our packs are a little bit bigger, yes, and we want to be transparent and give you all the information before you welcome our tea into your home, rather than you having to search for it. Our packs need a little more space so we can share all you need to know about our wellness blends, plus, you’ll also notice that the fill of loose leaf and teabags do look like they are a filled differently. This is because loose leaf sits nicely all as one beautiful blend, while the teabags sit amongst each other and not packed tightly. Our bags are also made from kraft paper with the environment in mind.

Is Athella Tea Australian?

We are 100% owned and run, we pride ourselves on being an Australian family behind Athella Tea, who source only the best teas for our family and your family too.

Where can I buy the Athella Tea wellness blends?

Right here on our website or if you just cant wait for postage, checkout our stockists list for a store near you. Don't have a store near you? then tell us your local store and we will get Athella Tea stocked locally, we also now have available a cafe range of Athella Tea's



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