Athella DETOX Organic Ice Tea | Recipe

DETOX is a slimming cleanse fan favourite here at Athella, and even better, you can enjoy it hot or cold. We love that this is a great recipe to make bulk and keep in the fridge, especially for those hot summer days!


What you need |

Athella Detox Tea

4 Cups Filled With Ice


Tea Pot

Mint Leaves [Optional]


Method |

Add 1 litre of filtered water to your kettle and boil

While the kettle boils, prepare your tea pot. If you have a smaller tea pot (less that 1L), you can make this recipe in smaller batches).

Place your strainer in your tea pot and then measure out 6g of DETOX Tea, (roughly 3 tsp). And DETOX to your tea strainer.

Once your kettle is boiled fill your tea pot with water and let brew. 

Our magic time for brewing DETOX is 2-3 minutes. Any longer and it can become a little too bitter for some tastes. We recommend trying different brewing times to find your sweet spot.

After your tea is brewed, remove the strainer and pop the herbs into the compost.

To cool your brew quicker, you can pop in a couple of ice cubes to quicken the cool down process. Don't worry, it won't water it down or dilute your brew, we have allowed for this process. (You're welcome).

Once cooled, get your favourite glass ready and fill it with ice. We love pretty things so we often make rose petal ice cubes which we think are the perfect compliment to the Athella Organic Detox Blend.

To finish, pour about 200ml into your glass and add some fresh mint leaves if you'd like.


Storing Left Over Or Batched Brew |

We love making a little extra to keep in the fridge and ready to reach for! Store your ice tea in a glass bottle and it will keep for a few weeks. It will be waiting for you to enjoy whenever you need a cold drink that's organic, sugar free and full of beneficial Ayurvedic Herbs.



Aleathia 🍃

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