Fragrant Rose Tea | 3 Minute Read


Over the week were we so privileged to be able to share and introduce you to some very clever women as we celebrated international women's day for 2022. And now it's time to introduce you to some of our own remarkable ladies!

Now as you know our tea blends are made with 100% organic herbs, which means no nasties in your teas, we are passionate about making sure we source the very top grade ingredients when it comes to blending our herbal teas. Its our mission to fill your cup with teas that nuture your body, mind and soul. 


Pretty, fragrant, and powerful is our girl, CALM. she will soothe your senses when you need it most, with the ability to relax your mind, and calm your soul she's one to always have around. 



Gentle, yet effective DETOX is always there for you to decrease cravings and support fat burn, as well as to cleanse the digestive tract. She's also great for those times when you may have slightly overindulged...



Sweet and refreshing, you'll always enjoy spending time with REFRESH, especially for dessert! and if you have a hot date, take a sip of Refresh, she will have your breath clean and minty, for wherever the night may take you ;)



Balance is often key to a wonderful life, and that also is true for our hormones. HARMONY is your best friend when it comes to trying to alleviate symptoms of menopause and PMS. She's feminine, beautiful and will always be by your side to help blissfully balance your hormones. Even better she'll also work to improve how you're affected by stress. What a lady!



We're a whole squad at Athella  and all our ladies work in organic unison  to support you with whatever you face each and every day. Say hello to our other ladies at, they'd love to introduce themselves!

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