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Merry Christmas & Festive Wishes

As we come to the end of the busiest week of the year, I thought it would be fitting to launch the Leala Tea Co. blog and take a moment to reflect on the year that was and to say thank you for all the support we have received over our first year in business. The blog is something I've been planning for a while now so we're thrilled it's finally coming to fruition. This will be a magical place to share my knowledge on all things tea, a way to connect our communi-tea (wink), and we may even treat you to a recipe or two.

When I sat down and began reflecting on the year, the first overwhelming feeling I felt was gratitude. Gratitude that every day I can do what I wholeheartedly love, gratitude that I have such wonderful people, like you, in our ever growing LTC community, and gratitude that I, through our organic wellness blends can help you on your health and wellness journey to give you the chance to enjoy a well rested nights sleep, energy boosts, a gentle cleanse or even a cup of calm.

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to create products that are health and wellness focused, and I love that our ever evolving range of wellness blends stay true to my dream. I'm also so proud that we can provide you with blends that you can enjoy, guilt free, knowing we only use premium organic tea leaves that have been ethically sourced, and that are free from harmful chemicals. I take tea seriously, and you can rest assured that when it comes to what I decide to put in my cup, only the best will do.

This time of year is so special to me, and I have two treasured traditions that no matter where our family is in the world, we make it happen. I've always found, that my love of tea was almost always centred around a tradition, a ritual or an experience, I think this is why, for me, tradition is so special. The first Christmas tradition began when I was a little girl, and now, every year my Mum will make a Christmas pudding, just like we did with my Grandma all those years ago. Just before the Christmas pudding is ready to be boiled, everyone in our family comes together to give it a stir, and while they do, they add a silent wish to the mix for the new year. (Our youngest, Phoenix is below making his wish!) 


The second tradition I started with my children, here is us (below), on Christmas morning in our matching pj's. We started this long before matching sets were "on-trend" or for the gram, I even had to get them specially made because you couldn't buy them. I can thank living in the USA for this one, and I can tell you my Christmas obsession really kicked up a notch from our time there!


The year has been a big one, with massive challenges, and hurdles, but also filled with amazing highs and wonderful opportunities. Thank you for your support of my dream and our wellness blends, and to all those we have connected with or collaborated and worked with, we treasure the connections and we cannot wait to be back in 2022. Now, from my family to yours, a big Merry Christmas to you and here's cheers to you and your families and those that are gently watching over us.


With love and gratitude always,

Aleathia x

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