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Leala Tea Co Organic DETOX Slimming Blend

When you think of January, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Summer fun, beach days, new beginnings? For me, it's definitely a month that I feel brings a clean slate, full of fresh starts, and visions of a healthy mind and body. Life often gets in the way of my perfect plans, but I never mind as I know I can start again next year (wink).

I do love that every new year I have the chance to make a little promise to myself, and this year, it's to be kinder to myself as I travel further down my wellness path as I try to live a cleaner life. So for me, right now, I’m starting this brand new year with a beautiful herbal blend. Actually, I start every day off with a herbal blend that never fails to gently awaken my body and gets me moving. Usually, it's our LTC RESTORE tea, or the REMEDY blend, but let me tell you what’s really got me motivated for the month of January... It's DETOX! Now, I know that detox is a word thrown around to describe many different health supplements, diets, or trends and that "detox" can come with a bit of a stigma. But thankfully there is a gentle way to detox. The LeaLa Tea Co Organic DETOX Slimming Cleanse Wellness Blend tea is the answer for anyone who wants a little help with cleansing the digestive tract. DETOX also helps to reduce bloating and to improve digestion.

While we always advocate for healthy eating or a clean diet while detoxing, the LTC DETOX wellness blend works well with, or without a meal plan; and I'll let you in on a little secret, it's actually my go-to when I have overindulged! I especially love a cup after a heavy meal, because with Ayurvedic Herbs like Mulethi (licorice), it works to gently cleanse what I don't need (but enjoyed), while also soothing the tummy.

If you'd like to add DETOX tea to your healthy eating plan or feel like you need a cleanse, then we recommend enjoying up to 3 cups a day, which we've seen can have a huge benefit to your whole body. The hero of this blend is Dandelion as it works as an appetite suppressant, plus with the added bonus herb, Shatavari helping to reduce free radical skin damage which leads to collagen breakdown and wrinkles, you can say hello to glowing skin! (Hi!) But wait, there is just a little bit more... This gentle cleanse also helps to decrease cravings to support fat burn, plus, with a sweet aftertaste (if brewed perfectly) you can help quieten those sweet cravings too.

Now, I know that on some hot summer days a hot cup of tea may not be top of your list to enjoy, but did you know that LTC launched in the peak of summer in Perth, Western Australia where most days hit over 30 degrees?! So naturally, no one really felt like a hot cuppa. As Aussies, we take summer very seriously and (most of us) LOVE hot summer days, so I began working hard to develop the LTC Wellness blends so they could be enjoyed as iced teas too. And if I'm honest, the jury is still out on which way I prefer to DETOX, because it's brilliant as an iced tea too. Try it the way I love it with mint leaves, a few fresh raspberries and a slice of orange for some summer fun! Actually, doesn't that sound great? I'm off to make some now and I'd love you to experience the ice cold goodness of our Organic Wellness DETOX Blend too. I've taken all the guess work out of it for you, plus I'm dying to share my secret (and the perfect) brewing point for DETOX. You could say it's almost guaranteed to hit the sweet spot every time! Check out the LTC DETOX Iced Tea recipe here, and enjoy!

I'm off to read the latest copy of Play Big, Brand Bold, by Suzanne Chadwick, enjoy my iced cold DETOX, and relish a little RnR.

Stay Safe,

With love and gratitude always,
Aleathia x

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