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Herbal teas date back to the ancient lands of China and Egypt and are steeped in tradition. Many infusions were first discovered because of their healing properties both for the body and soul and this was long before everything was packaged into a pill. But let's get to why you're really here, the hidden health benefits in your cup of tea, or by its correct term, tisane. Let's jump in with our top 10;


  1. A cup of tea is a great way to stay hydrated. Why reach for plain water when you can also enjoy the benefits of herbal teas?
  2. Inflammation affects so many of us and turmeric, liquorice root and ginger are great for helping fight those flare ups. You'll find all of these in our organic RESTORE, as well as turmeric in CALM, and ginger in FOCUS & REMEDY.
  3. The brilliant pairing of lemongrass and ginger has long been hailed a tummy settler. These two Ayurvedic herbs are a power couple to combat nausea while also working to help indigestion and to calm an upset stomach. Try Athella Tea REMEDY tea to experience these benefits. You'll also be able to taste the cleanliness from the first sip of this organic tisane.
  4. The divine fragrance of Lavender is nothing on its mood stabilising abilities. You'll find Lavender in Athella Tea’s SERENITY & CALM organic blends, but it can also be added to our FRESH blend when stress has rudely interrupted your day, your week, your month, or even your year! 
  5. Now to Ashwagandha; there is a lot of talk about this mighty Ayurvedic herb. Ashwagandha is an ancient herb full of mystical properties, but properties that pack a punch! Add this powerful herb to the mix and you'll be helping to reduce stress while also improving energy levels, libido and immunity levels. Is there a better or more powerful all rounder?
  6. The proven health benefits of organic peppermint tea may not quite be why this delicious plant has made this list... But we think this is the perfect after dinner indulgence which helps to stop sweet cravings in their tracks. And we don't know about you, but those biscuits, chocolate or cake are always calling so this is the perfect time to reach for a cup of Athella Tea Tea’s FRESH. This fresh blend helps with cutting back on over indulging, and we think is an extremely important health benefit.
  7. Speaking of everything sweet, do you ever get that 3pm slump and find yourself looking for a pick me up? Before you reach for chocolates or a coffee, try a tea with Bacopa. Bacopa is most commonly known as a "brain tonic" as it helps to boost mental energy and clarity, while also naturally releasing serotonin levels but without the caffeine jitters. You'll find Bacopa in Athella Tea FOCUS blend.
  8. All of you tea lovers out there know the benefits of green tea and that it's full of antioxidants. Green tea can also help with brain fog, heart disease, diabetes, lowering blood pressure, the symptoms of endometriosis, plus it's great for weight loss because it can increase fat burning.
  9. We all want to feel calm and reduce stress and this is where the mental health side of health comes into play. Herbs like lavender, ashwagandha, chamomile, lemon balm and gingko biloba have powerful mood stabilising properties. Put this powerful combination together and you'll have a beautiful blend that gently calms your nerves and soothes your mind. You can experience these wonderful benefits in Athella Tea’s  CALM blend.
  10. Now, you didn't think we would end this list without a sleep tisane, did you? Want to know the secret to the perfect sleep blend? Add a sprinkle of Valerian to the mix, a herb known for its sedation prowess. Our organic sleep tea, SLEEP has been carefully formulated by our naturopath, so it has just the right amount of valerian in it to have you hit those deep sleep cycles, while also leaving you feeling well-rested, rejuvenated and ready to start your day.


We hope you loved this little insight into the power of herbal tea! If you have questions, chat with us!

With love & gratitude,

Aleathia x



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