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Organic teas have been proven to be healthier than their non-organic counterparts. From day one, it's been our mission to provide you with organic and pure blends that are free from harmful chemicals and nasties, so we can give your body the best possible experience with teas packed full of health benefits, and so you can taste the undying difference. At Athella Tea we will always endeavour to source certified organic and organic herbs first because that's our ethos and is what lies deep within our values both as a business and for Athella creator and founder, Aleathia.

Lets reveal whats really in your cup of non organic tea  and more on why we will always choose to source organic ingredients for our wellness blend teas;

1. FILLERS & SYNTHETIC MATERIALS, Yep, you read that right! Not all tea is "good for you." There are flavourings, extracts, essence and fillers along with synthetic materials (plastics) that can often be found in your teabag and that are then all hiding in your innocent little cup of tea. You will most probably find teas like this stocked at big tea houses, and your shopping aisle in the supermarket. This may seem like an overwhelming amount of information, but if you're like us and drink several cups of tea a day, then it's even more important for you to know. Our recommendation... be sure to check the ingredients list on the back of your tea as you may be drinking more nasties than health benefits. The good news, there are lots of great organic brands out there and now you to know what to look for.

Now this one is close to our hearts as many of the chemicals used in non-organic farms have been proven** by the world health organisation to have harmful cancer causing triggers when consumed. We already consume so many chemicals from our foods on a daily basis so to be able to enjoy your cups of tea without all the nasties is just one action you can take to lessen the chemicals you consume. If you have relished in a cup of Athella Tea you will have found that you can actually taste the *clean* difference and unlike the average supermarket tea, it won't leave an unpure after taste. We are so proud to source and provide wellness tea blend options that are grown without the use of heavy chemicals and fertilisers and it's a joy to know you can indulge in a cleaner and healthier cup of tea.

We are only on this planet for a short time and we believe we have a duty of care to the next generation to always be mindful of our impact, and for us, this means how we choose to source our produce. At Athella Tea we chose to work with single estate plantations that have sustainable farming practices and that have values that align with ours. The relationships we've built are lifelong and it's truly heartwarming to share our passion for the highest quality tea leaves with them. Meet one of our organic farmers here, talking values and why he chooses organic farming here.

If you don't believe us, put us to the test! Creator and founder, Aleathia was a big consumer of black tea, but a couple of years ago had to give it up because her go to tea brand that she religiously purchased was giving her terrible indigestion. Looking deeper she found that it had been grown with pesticides that were giving her this reaction! Now you're looking at LeaLa Tea Co. the product of a quest to find a clean black tea, and please say hello to our certified Organic Ceylon tea. Side note, Aleathia is now back to her guilty pleasure of one or two cups a day and no indigestion!

We've detailed several reasons why choosing organic tea is so very important and we can't think of anything that's more important than you, and your family's health. In our tea travels, we've come to find out the number 1 reason people drink Green & Herbal teas is for the health benefits! So if you're choosing a non-organic tea, you may need to ask yourself, are you really getting any benefits? It's one to ponder...

At the heart of our business, we identify as a wellness brand, and with that comes a responsibility to ensure we bring you the very best herbs and highest grade tea leaves that are clean and sustainably and ethically sourced. This is why we will always choose certified organic and organic. You can also rest assured, you're getting premium and luxurious teas and herbal tisanes because we believe in only the best for our family and you should too.

Organic means expensive. Believe us, we've heard it! And we know that it is easy to grab a cheaper alternative off the shelf but we have a very fun fact for you... Athella is less than $1 a cup and even less for our Loose Leaf range.

Organic herbs and spices are grown as nature intended, with a little bit of a helping hand from farmers using processes that a gentler and kinder on our environment, then using harsher chemicals nd this is the reason why organic herbs and spices are superior to their non-organic peers and we find that very comforting. We also find organic cups of tea comforting... We are so passionate about tea, the quality, the source, the farming practices and in sharing all of our knowledge to better help you understand just what is in your cup of tea. If you would like to know more, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!





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