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Athella Tea

CALM | Organic Stress Relief

CALM | Organic Stress Relief

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How do you like your tea?

Morning, noon, or night, our CALM Tea's fragrant herbs will work to help relax and work to calm you to a soothing tranquil bliss. We suggest making a cuppa and taking 5 minutes to enjoy a little self care during your day. We can say from experience, it's a refreshing and peaceful way to take a minute or two our of a busy day.

Hand Blended with a calming mix of green tea, chamomile, lavender, rose and turmeric. Our anxiety relief tea, when taken on a daily basis, helps us take a moment to shut the noise off from the outside world and just breathe.

Why we love it.

Feel a sense of peace from the captivating fragrance of CALM, and after a few minutes steeping, you'll have a beautiful and artistic cup of calm from the organic rainbow of the chamomile, rose and lavender. It truly is a "sensory delight to calm the mind."


Lavender, Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Gingko Bilbao, Green Tea, Rose & Fennel. Containes Caffeine.


Fragrant, calming & soothing effects, coupled with its ability to act as a mood stabiliser, you’ll enjoy a calm body as well as its soothing aromatic fragrance.

We Recommend CALM.

Anytime that you feel you need to take 10 minutes of self care; When life feels a little overwhelming and you just need a breather and take a step back to calm.

Steep 3 - 5min   |   Temp 100c

Our entire organic tea wellness blends range are available in loose leaf, or as biodegradable tea bags. The great news!... We only use the highest grade of tea leaves so you're getting a cup full of organic goodness in every cup of tea. 


Australia & India




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