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Crystal Infuser Loose Leaf Tea Strainer [CITRINE]

Crystal Infuser Loose Leaf Tea Strainer [CITRINE]

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Loose Leaf Lovers rejoice Athella have created the perfect tea accessory for you to enjoy all the goodness of the perfect brew.

Our new crystal infuser loose leaf tea strainer boasts a 5cm strainer basket! (Wowee right!?) This is so the leaves can expand to their full potential, giving you the chance to always enjoy premium tasting tea. But why do the tea leaves need more space, you ask? Great question! The loose leaf teas and herbs that we use are only of the highest grade, and that means they haven't been through a machine process. This also means they need more room so the tea leaves can completely uncurl and all the goodness of your wellness blend tea or tisane blend can release all its fragrant aroma, taste, and health benefits to the very fullest.


Citirine  |  Joy. Prosperity. Confidence.

Citirine is the most joyful of crystals. A wonderful delight that embodies enthusiasm, raises self esteem and self confidence. All while also attracting wealth, prosperity and success.

    How To Use

    Fill the mesh with loose leaf tea, leaving enough room for your tea to expand & release its full-bodied flavour. Hold your crystal in your hands & take in its energy. The crystal is not intended to go into your hot tea, so pop it next to your tea cup so you can still take in its energy.


      To Recharge Your Crystals

      • Crystals have the ability to absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. So it's important to cleanse them often and the Full Moon is the perfect time to do this.
      • Collect your crystals together and take them outside in the moonlight and lay them out to recharge and dispel any negative energy.
      • The perfect place for them to recharge is on the earth or a natural surface.



      We pride ourselves on using quality materials to ensure the longevity of your Crystal Infuser Loose Leaf Tea Strainer. Made from stainless steel mesh & elevated with Citrine for the infusion of joy, prosperity & confidence. Raise the vibration of your tea experience & enjoy the tranquil infusion & the benefits of crystals with Athella's organic certified wellness tea blends.

      Our crystals are hand selected and sourced from Brazil. We also have to note, crystal in its true natural form means there will be colour variations, but solidifies it's uniqueness. The hue of each crystal does not change the efficacy of the product. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange LeaLa Crystal Infusion Loose Leaf Tea Strainers based on hue preference.


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