Start the Day With Good Vibes With our Crystal Tea Leaf Strainers

If you’re a fan of loose leaf tea you’ve probably tried numerous tea leaf infusers, some being a hit and others leaving much to be desired. So, we want to introduce you to your new favourite tea strainer that gives you the ultimate brew and brings the positive energy you need to start or end the day on the right foot.

citrine crystal tea infuser

Let’s jump into the unique design of our tea leaf strainer cage and the benefits of your chosen crystal below.

Designed for Optimal Brewing

Our loose leaf tea infusers are specially designed with a 5cm strainer basket, which is a little longer than what you may typically find in stores.

Why is longer better? Well, this extra space allows your loose leaf tea to uncurl and release more of its natural goodness into your brew. There are a lot of highly beneficial properties within tea leaves that are released when brewing, so allowing the leaves to fully uncurl means that you get even more from your favourite cup of tea. As well as a stronger aroma and taste!

They’re also made from stainless steel mesh, which means you’ll be brewing up a storm in your Athella Tea Crystal Infuser for years to come.

Which Crystal Do You Resonate With?

Our crystal tea leaf strainers come in four different varieties of crystals, each with its own unique colour and benefits. It’s up to you to intuitively decide which crystal you resonate with and the healing properties you’d love to absorb from your chosen crystal while enjoying your daily brew.

Rose Quartz - is pale pink in colour and is the stone of love, peace and calming. You can turn to this beautiful stone to promote feelings of unconditional love, to dispel negativity and invite self-love and loving relationships.

Clear Quartz - is clear, with a touch of smoky tones throughout and is the stone of healing, spirit and wisdom. This powerful stone helps to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. Which assists with clearing your mind and bringing yourself back into balance.

Aventurine - is a stunning, deep green tone and is the stone of strength, good fortune and prosperity. It helps to promote inner strength, compassion and the drive to reach your goals.

Citrine - is a warm, yellow-orange tone and is the stone of joy, prosperity and confidence. Keep your citrine close to help attract success and achieve your wildest dreams.

How to Use

Fill the mesh cage with loose leaf tea, while leaving some room for the tea leaves to expand. Do not place your crystal into your drink at any time. Let it hang over the side of your mug or hold it in your hand to absorb its energy.

Recharging Your Crystals

Crystals work by releasing and absorbing energy, so it's important to keep their powers strong by cleansing them. You can do this by placing them in direct moonlight on a full moon. Make sure you wash your crystal tea infuser after recharging to ensure it's clean and ready for use.

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