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Athella Tea

Gold Heart Tea Strainer with Resting Plate

Gold Heart Tea Strainer with Resting Plate

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Our gorgeous Gold Heart tea strainers, has always been a crowd favourite and now we have just upped the tea game with the added addition of a resting plate.

What does this mean for your daily loose leaf tea habit?No More Mess! Now you can pop your tea strainer straight onto its very own resting plate, when you have finished brewing your tea. Then when you have relaxed and enjoyed the perfect cup of Athella Tea, simply pick up your strainer and take to the sink, dispose of your tea leaves in your compost and rinse your tea strainer. You now have a great way to have a mess free, wholesome cup of tea and having a loose leaf cup means you get all of the goodness without any of the nasties.

Add 1.5g of your favourite Athella loose leaf tea, to your Heart strainer and then pop it into your cup. Be sure to let the gold chain hang over the outside, so that you can easily pull the heart out of your cup once your tea has brewed. Morning, noon or night enjoy the beautiful aroma of a brewed loose leaf tea.


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